Today I realized how useless you have become to my thoughts. Its funny, I thought things would be completely different at this point in my life. With all I have to offer and all… It is, don’t get me wrong. I am designing, and in a strong relationship that has become my backbone. There’s just this underlying addiction, this dependent, that you have burdened me with, and the fact you have taken to much time here. The moment we seemed to have crossed paths you fucking sucked at it. How? I don’t even know. Its so like you, to not be up to par in a professional setting. Your follow up skills went down the drain. Nevertheless, I am not going to bash you over a meaningless blog that no one will see, nor will it impact anyone. I will just say this; your welcome for fighting for you, I hope that the day you realized how you effected people who cared for you, that you realize me in that group, and you swallow all of the possibilities, potentials, and throw them right in the box I am putting you in from this point on. You have no place here, and you know why…I took you to the river, and I buried you.

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